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©︎Kureha Taniguchi

梅原 徹

​ 美術家 / 音楽家

主な活動として「BankART AIR 2015」(BankART StudioNYK, 横浜, 2015)や「PARADISE AIR MatsudoQOL award」(PARADISE AIR, 松戸, 2020)での滞在制作、伊勢市クリエイターズワーケーションへの参加など、近年ではレジデンスを通し、空間と音の作品制作を展開している。


  IUI展2017-2018 (BankART, 横浜, 2018)

 Kashiwa Air Field and Shusui (柏の葉T-SITE, 柏の葉, 2020)

 召喚の作法 (HAGISO, 谷中, 2021)


 ​中山英之展 「and then,」PAPER STONE (TOTO Gallery MA, 乃木坂, 2019)

 日本建築学会新人賞ミナガワビレッジ音楽制作 (ミナガワビレッジ, 表参道, 2020)

 アラカンラ「永久に記憶する煙」(Archiship Library&cafe, 横浜, 2020)

 ハラサオリ 「絶景」 (Dance Base Yokohama, 横浜, 2020)

 ハラサオリ 岸裕真「Metawindow」 (Danse Base Yokohama, 横浜, 2020)

​ 青年団リンクキュイ「まだなにもはなしていないのに」 (アトリエ春風舎白, 2020)

 生西康典「棒ダチ 私だけが長生きするように」 (Tokyo Real Underground, 東京, 2021)


 BankART AIR 2015 (BankART 1929, 横浜, 2015)

 PARADISE AIR Matsudo QOL Award (PARADISE AIR, 松戸, 2020)

 伊勢市クリエイターズワーケーション (伊勢, 2021)

Tetsu Umehara

​ Artist / Composer

Born in 1996 in Yokohama, Japan. Artist and musician. Through research and fieldwork on cities and environments, he composes sound and space.

He is interested in architectural urbanism, acoustic sociology, and sound as a notational technique, and occasionally works in theater and He is also developing a cross-genre style of production with video and other media. After living in Dusseldorf, Germany, he graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Yokohama National University in 2018. He graduated from the Graduate School of  Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020.

Main activities are "BankART AIR 2015" (BankART StudioNYK, Yokohama , 2015) and a residency at Yokohama Triennale 2017 (Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, 2017) in Venue Configuration Research Assistant, Drifter's International "re/ Participation in "Creation" and others. When he was a student at Tokyo University of the Arts, he received the Isoya Yoshida Prize and the Power of Art Award from the same university.

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