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 TOTOギャラリー間にて開催された「中山英之展 , and then」における映像作品群のひとつであり、シークレットトラック。


 中山英之(建築家)と砂山太一(建築家/美術家)の共作である「かみのいし/PAPER STONE」の制作プロセスを映像作品として編集。かみのいし制作過程で発生した音をサンプリングし、楽曲を構成。映像はプロセスの断片をコマ送りで見せるようなカットを多用した。



A secret track that is one of the group of video works at "Hideyuki Nakayama Exhibition, and then" held at TOTO Gallery Ma.

Edited as a video work the production process of "Kaminoishi / PAPER STONE", co-produced by Hideyuki Nakayama (architect) and Taichi Sunayama (architect / artist). We compose the music by sampling the sound generated in the production process of Kaminoishi. The video used a lot of cuts to show the fragments of the process by frame advance.


Kami no Ishi is a project focusing on natural stones that do not have the concept of "size".On the other hand, in the video work produced, close-up to a subject that is hard to perceive the size, such as a camera lens, a huge printing press, and an editing screen of a personal computer, and arranging them in order from the head. The sound source was formed seamlessly as a whole music by repeating editing to a level where the sampled material can not be specified, and the sound edited according to the scene was applied. The fragmentary material such as sampling and time-lapse was put into the format of video through music and screened as the only making movie on display.

[監督]梅原 徹 / 砂山 太一

[音楽]梅原 徹

[協力]株式会社竹尾 / 株式会社ショウエイ

[Director]Tetsu Umehara / Taichi Sunayama

[Music]Tetsu Umehara

[Cooperation]SHOEI INC. / TAKEO Co., Ltd.

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