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ミナガワビレッジ / Minagawa Village



This is a video work for Minagawa Village (designed by Regenerative Architecture Institute, Inc.), which won the AIJ Newcomer of the Year Award for 2020.The work was composed as a 1 minute 30 second video work, capturing the spaces scattered around the site and the various expressions of people from various perspectives.


Using stereo images unfolding in the form of sound sources and cinematic visual expressions, the work expresses the diversity of the interior space of the building.

[監督]梅原 徹 / 鈴木圭人


[音楽]梅原 徹

[協力]ADI ,HIGUMA Doughnuts & Coffee Wrights,MBSイノベーションドライブ,ルーヴィス, 大一, 東急電鉄

[Director]Tetsu Umehara / Keito Suzuki

​[Movie]Keito Suzuki

[Music]Tetsu Umehara

[Cooperation]ADI ,HIGUMA Doughnuts & Coffee Wrights, MBSイノベーションドライブ,ルーヴィス, 大一, 東急電鉄

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